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A complete training program from start to finish!


RunningNZ Personal Running Plans are personalized programs just for you (running/strengthening/stretching).

They are designed to get you to the starting line feeling 100% prepared, confident and ready for your chosen event.


RunningNZ will help you train towards your next running goal. Premium one-on-one coaching with customized programs. Working with you on a day-by-day basis ensuring you reach your truest potential.

I like to emphasize the "personal" in personal coaching. I work with runners of all ages and abilities. You not only have an expert to plan your training, but someone to talk to about pace, strength, nutrition, injury prevention, stretching and much, much more.

The Benefits of Training with a Running Coach

Teach you new training runs, such as hills, tempo runs and intervals.

Progress at your own pace to avoid injury, teach and show you the importance of strength training.

Teach you the physiology behind running, such as how to fuel before, during, and after your runs.

Prepare you for race day, including how to pace, what to wear, how to fuel, where to line up, etc.)

Free Initial Consultation

RunningNZ Coaching does not have any start up fees. At RunningNZ I want to offer value to you and your running performance. I don't want you to be tied into any long-term contracts, if the program isn't working for you, you can stop at any time.

"To provide Structure, Guidance, Support, Motivation, Feedback and Advice to help any runner, of any ability, reach their truest running potential."

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The 4 Key Components of Training
1. Physical Training
2. Mental Training
3. Nutrition and Hydration
4. Rest and Recovery