I've been a regular runner for a few decades now. I'd describe myself as a weekend warrior, with mental wellbeing as important as the physical outcomes.

To 'celebrate' my 60th I made a pledge to run the Paris Marathon and committed to a 3 month programme with Running NZ. What was I looking for? A Plan that would take my running to the next level, blending nutrition, strength, speed and endurance work into a holistic programme.

In Jaime I found a Mentor who was committed to me and my goal. It was a very personal approach, with a weekly programme and review. Never did I feel I was just another 'client' or that I was receiving a templated training programme. Jaime made a real effort to make me feel important. I thoroughly recommend Running NZ as a training partner. Their approach was personal and professional.

As for outcomes? I reduced my body weight by 7 kgs and ran my fastest Marathon in 5 years.

- Scott Elliffe

Jaime is the most caring, supportive, knowledgeable and inspirational coach and person I have ever met. When she first took me under her wings, I was struggling with constant calf tears and never ran further than a half marathon, believing the human body was not made for marathons (Ultra's did not even register on my radar). Through her patients and continuous support I have not had any injuries since and she even showed me with the correct training I can be an Ultra runner and love it.

- Debrah Breedt

When I finished the New York Marathon, I felt burned out and unmotivated to continue running. As a result, I quit running for over 2 years and, as expected, lost a lot of conditioning during that time. I was out of shape. Eventually, when I decided to start running again, I needed a coach and motivation. Enter Jaime from Running NZ. My coach, Jaime, literally lit the fire in me to get going again! In little over 3 months, she has taken me from a couch potato to running 21km. With her guidance, I realistically know that I can finish the Rotorua Marathon 2016!I firmly believe that this team at Running NZ can do the same for you - whether your goal is to take down old PRs, win your age group at a local 5k, or finish a marathon. They're the best!!!

- Lisa Mullins

I began my journey with Jaime a year ago, I was feeling unmotivated and needed someone to plan my journey for me. Jaime's been fantastic we live in separate islands of NZ but I have no trouble communicating with her as she does my weekly plans, texts me, phones me and even runs with me when where in the same town together. I am an experienced runner with 18 years of running behind me but having Jaime in my life has been just awesome, she is so motivating and encouraging, she's more than just a coach, she's a friend.

- Toni Smith

I started with Jamie about 4 years ago because I was following one size fits all programs from the internet and ending up riddled with injuries. I wanted to run my first marathon but couldn't make it to the start line. I have since run injury free multiple half and full marathons achieving PB's and speeding up my average pace by 1.5 min per km following Jamie's advice and personalised plans. I have also run 3 ultra marathons including a 102km, It was always a dream of mine but I never believed I could. Over the years she has become more than a coach, she is a good friend and an amazing women. Her plans push you and she holds you to account, it is the best thing I could have done to improve my mind, body and soul. She has since helped me continue to run safely through pregnancy and I look forward to getting guidance through post pardon and back into the ultras. Jamie is an inspiration and I would highly recommend her!!!

- Emma Henricksen