I've been coaching since starting Running NZ in 2014. I have trained athletes from beginners, ultra runners and multi day runners, with a belief that running well involves more than just physical effort. My coaching focuses on your training using a holistic approach, not just throwing numbers at you.

So how does coaching with Running NZ work?

  • You will receive a weekly email. There is nothing generic about my programs. Although generic programs can work, I don't think they are the best way to train safely or for maximum benefit. I work around your life, your family and work commitments to ensure that you are getting in the training required.
  • I include running sessions, strength sessions and yoga sessions into every program.
  • I check up on your runs daily.
  • We cover all areas of your training, not just the physical side of training.
  • Unlimited calls, text and emails.
  • Continuous support, guidance and motivation.
  • Advice on nutrition, recovery, gear and pretty much anything running related.

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